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ABAG Executive Board Approves Final Regional Housing Needs Allocation Plan

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The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) at last night’s Executive Board meeting approved the Final Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area, 2023-2031. The


Adopted Final RHNA Plan – November 2022 Update
Final RHNA Methodology Report 2023-2031_update_11-22.pdf (8.02 MB)
RHNA Frequently Asked Questions Dec 2021
ABAG_2023-2031_RHNA_FAQ_Dec2021.pdf (560.01 KB)
2015-2020 Bay Area RHNA Progress Report
2015-2020 apr_permit_summaries_by_jurisdiction.pdf (224.73 KB)
ABAG Executive Board Approves RHNA Final Plan
RHNAFinalPlanApprovedPR.pdf (159.58 KB)
Best Practices for Engaging Limited-English-Speaking Communities
Best_Practices_Multilingual_Engagement_10-2021.pdf (496.48 KB)