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New Technical Assistance Portal Offers Wealth of Resources for Local Governments

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The Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission today launched a new Technical Assistance portal at abag.ca.gov/technical-assistance . The website is a one-stop shop

ABAG Partners with STIR to Advance Fair Housing

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ABAG is pleased to announce a new research initiative to help Bay Area planners meet the requirements of AB-686, new legislation to fight housing discrimination and to Affirmatively Further Fair


Index of Available Technical Assistance
TA_Index_October_2023.docx (373.62 KB)
Programs To Rezone
Programs_to-Rezone_08_07_23.pdf (270.62 KB)
Transforming Aging Shopping Malls and Office Parks: Finance & Implementation Guide
Mall_and_Office_Park_Transformation_Guide_Finance_and_Implementation.pdf (1.03 MB)
Transforming Shopping Malls and Office Parks: Objective Design Standards
Mall_Office_Park_Transformation_Guide_Objective_Design_Standards_0.pdf (19.45 MB)
Maximizing Affordable Housing in Mall and Office Reuse Projects
Mall_and_Office_Park_Transformation_Guide_Maximizing Affordable_Housing.pdf (1.6 MB)