Housing TA


HCD Sample AFFH Analysis
HCD-Sample-Berkeley-AFFH-Analysis-HE.pdf (9.85 MB)
AFFH and Identified Sites Template
HCD_Sample_AFFH_Sites_and_Program_Template1.docx (27.93 KB)
Equity Advocates Letter to Jurisdictions Regarding Best Practices for Finalizing Housing Elements
Equity-Advocates-Letter-Best-Practices-Finalizing-HE.pdf (85.67 KB)
Addressing HCD Comments for Certification slide presentation
Responding-to-HCD-Comments-Webinar-Presentation-9-27-22.pptx (16.5 MB)
Requirements for Adoption of the Housing Element and Consequences of Late Adoption
Consequences-of-Late-Adoption-of-the-Housing-Element.docx (369.84 KB)