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New Wildfire Resources Available

News Release

New Wildfire White Paper developed by the ABAG and MTC Resilience Program explores the strategies communities currently use to mitigate wildfire risk.

Staff Dispatch: Learning From the Mexico City Earthquake, by Dana Brechwald

News Story

* First in an occasional series of dispatches from MTC and ABAG staff about their experiences out in the field. From the Bay Link Blog.

HayWired Earthquake Scenario Release on April 18th

News Story

The HayWired Scenario is a scientific, realistic and quantitative depiction of a magnatude 7.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault with an epicenter in Oakland. Developed by the U.S.

New Research on Seismic Risk Available

News Story

Staff from ABAG/MTC and the U.S. Geological Survey presented new research on the Bay Area's seismic riskat the Regional Planning Committee meeting.