Growing Smarter Together Award Categories

  1. Distinguished Leadership Award – Elected Official
    For a significant contribution to the implementation of creating better communities locally and regionally by an individual elected to public office, or recognition of an elected official for individual achievement as it relates to community and/or committee leadership activities.

  2. Start It Up Award
    For any policy, action, or regulation that removes barriers to, or provides incentives for, the implementation of the regional vision for sustainable communities. Applicants should submit the text of the policy or regulation with their entry. The policy or regulation must currently be in effect to be eligible.

  3. On the Ground – Getting It Done Award: FOCUSed Growth
    This category recognizes city, county or town plan implementation that reflects sustainable community goals within areas designated as Priority Development Areas by local governments and as adopted by the ABAG Executive Board. Eligible activities may include successful implementation of neighborhood or specific plans or detailed general plans that encompass a mix of uses including multi-family housing and/or retail, office, or resident-serving amenities in infill, and/or transit-oriented locations.

    Applicants are encouraged to send photos, brochures, and other materials describing the projects. If submitting information related to housing development, the description must include the number of units, affordability levels and numbers of units, funding sources, etc.

  4. Preserving and Protecting the Environment Award
    For any program, policy action/regulation or plan that works to preserve and protect natural habitat, water and air resources, agricultural lands, or other types of regionally significant open space. This could include, but is not limited to, integrating environmental benefits into an overall development plan or project.

  5. Public-Private Partnership Award
    This category recognizes collaborative efforts between government and private or non-profit organizations that support the implementation of sustainable community goals in the Bay Area in terms of projects or plans. Nominations will only be accepted from local jurisdictions, i.e., counties, cities/towns.

  6. Sharing the Benefits Award
    This category recognizes the innovations jurisdictions have used to avoid displacement or other adverse impacts, while promoting community revitalization. This award will showcase the good ideas/ best practices promoting social equity and environmental justice in the Bay Area.

  7. Building a Better Bay Area - Urban Design Award
    This award highlights examples of innovative architecture. This encompasses all aspects of the built environment such as a building, park, plaza, or streetscape that enhances the vitality of a community. This category showcases projects that demonstrate outstanding design quality surmounting the challenges of infill development including land constraints, affordability, and integration within an existing neighborhood. To qualify, the project must be completed. Projects still in planning phase are not eligible.

  8. Powering Forward - Innovation and Technology Award
    This category recognizes local government achievements in addressing community challenges through innovation, use of technology, and education and training.

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