Suspension of ABAG POWER's Electrical Aggregation Program

ABAG POWER's Executive Committee suspended the Electrical Aggregation Program as of July 1, 2001. This action was taken as a result of sudden and unanticipated increases of Independent System Operator (ISO) charges, uncertainty over proposed rate increases to direct access end users, price volatility for both long-term and short-term power, and PG&E's non-payment of over $20 million in Competitive Transition Charge (CTC) credits owed to ABAG POWER. These factors along with developments in the California energy markets and regulatory environment made continuation of the electric aggregation program a risky venture. As a result of this action, all electric accounts were returned to PG&E service. This action does NOT affect the continuation of the natural gas aggregation program.

In 2004, ABAG POWER distributed the assets of the Electric Program in accordance with a Windup Agreement signed by each member agency. A copy of the agreement and associated attachments may be accessed below: