Bay Area Economic Forum Strategic Action Plan

The Bay Area economy is one of the world’s prominent regional economies. It is successful in the global marketplace, and its strength derives from the strengths of the Bay Area as a whole. These are its highly educated workforce, its world class knowledge-based industries, its outstanding research institutions and its first-rate quality of life. But unless we work together as a region, the future success of the region’s economy is not assured. Global and domestic regional competition is intense and unrelenting. To ensure the economic prosperity of the region in the future, the Bay Area Economic Forum (BAEF) has facilitated a process involving many leaders from all sectors in the Bay Area to produce a draft strategic plan for the region’s economy.

The plan is a framework for working together so that we can enhance our economic strengths and correct our major economic weaknesses. It is based on the notion that the future of our economy and its supporting institutions depend on the decisions that we make locally. We will utilize our resources more effectively and will make our decisions that strategically make sense if we cooperate and recognize our interdependencies on such issues as transportation, housing, general infrastructure, etc. The strategic plan sets forth an opportunity for voluntary partnerships which leverage our slender resources so that we can maximize our success.

The plan is still in draft form. It is the product of much input from many organizations and individuals over a period of two years. Currently, it is being discussed at a variety of workshops and is scheduled to be completed in June 1997.

In other news: approximately 75 persons from throughout the region attended the "Bay Area Legislators Day" at the Oakland Museum on April 11. The BAEF led a cooperative effort by Bay Area economic development organizations of subregions, counties and major cities to host this successful event. Seven Bay Area legislators gave their perspectives on the critical issues impacting the region and the State. "Legislators Day," which has become an annual event, provides a forum for the economic development community and Bay Area legislators to informally exchange ideas on issues impacting the economic vitality of the nine-county Bay Area. For more information, call Larry Baack, BAEF President, at 415/981-7117.