Programs and Activities

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ABAG Program Activities and Impact # of Employees Revenue, Grants, and Budget

Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN)

Nine-county Bay Area, all 101 cities and nine counties

Advances local government capacity to offer, implement and deliver energy efficiency & other sustainable services to their constituents.

Works towards California’s reliable and sustainable energy future, includes: water, greenhouse gases, and resiliency issues

Coordinates multiple regional efforts and delivers integrated solutions to meet California’s aggressive climate change goals

1.0 FTE; 4.0 PTE

Awarded a total contract of over $39 million

Since inception, awarded grants totaling $39 million

Approved for continued funding


In addition to full-cycle accounting services for ABAG, provides full-cycle accounting services for:

Other ABAG-related entities

San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transit Authority

Alameda County Green Business Program

6.0 FTE

Accounting staff shared with ABAG and ABAG-related entities


Finance Authority for Nonprofits (FAN)

Enables public agencies and private organizations to maximize resources

Opens up the municipal bond market and other financing opportunities

Improves access to capital at low interest rates

1.0 FTE

Revenue from ongoing bond administration and fees from new financings

To date, provided more than $9 billion in capital financing on behalf of members

Land-Use Planning and Research

Serve as a resource for policy makers and local planning staff on land-use policies and programs that enhance regional as well as local well-being

Conducts a wide range of land use planning and research activities that support development and implementation of Plan Bay Area in conjunction with the MTC, local jurisdictions and stakeholders

Addresses housing affordability, production and preservation by initiating and supporting efforts to develop new funding sources for, and to remove obstacles to, local infill and addresses displacement

Conduct regional housing need allocation (RHNA) process with towns, cities and counties

Update and provide planning assistance, research, and institutional coordination for implementation of PDAs, PCAs, and preservation of industrial areas, critical to economic vitality

Continue to support local and regional economic development through a variety of activities

14.0 FTE

Approximately $ 4 M from MTC, the Strategic Growth council and other small grants

Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction – Green Business Program

Regional coordination of Bay Area Green Business Program

Originating member of the statewide Green Business Network

2,289 of the 2800 businesses (est 80%) are located in the Bay Area

Promote sustainable business practices among small and medium size businesses in Bay Area region

.25 PTE

Revenue from county fees: $60,000

Currently 2800 certified green businesses statewide conserving:

124M gallons of water, reducing 822,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, diverting 419,000 tons of waste from landfill, and generating $30M energy efficiency utility savings

Pooled Liability Assurance Network (PLAN)

Provides municipal property, liability, and crime insurance coverage to 28 Bay Area cities and towns

Enables members manage risk/exposure to claims and stabilizes liability and insurance costs

Grant program provides funding to reduce claim frequency through best practices sharing and safety/loss control consultation

Provides claims administration services to members, controlling and managing cost and claims defense

Sponsors annual major conferences, Sewer Summit and Urban Forest Council, with capacity audiences year after year

Train members via additional risk training seminars to identify and mitigate hazards and prevent losses

6.0 FTE

Revenue $9.25 M from member premiums

Grant program provided over $23 M in dividends, including program funding since inception

Saved members $1.3 M since 2013 via contracted TPA services

Invested $300k in annually in training program and platform

Publicly Owned Energy Resources (POWER)

Natural gas aggregation and procurement for 38 local governments and special districts within PG&E service territory

Provides both cost savings & long-term price stability

2.0 FTE

Approximately $8 million/yr budget.

Funded through fees attached to natural gas sales

95% of funds are pass-through

Resilience Program

Develop a regional land use pattern which reduces the risk of natural hazards

Provide a platform for local governments to jointly plan, share best practices and propose solutions to regional resilience challenges

Provide tools for local governments to develop and implement resilience solutions

Improve the resilience of the region’s building stock by promoting stronger codes and upgrading existing buildings

Disseminate scientific information in an understandable and usable way that facilitates good policy and planning decisions

3.0 FTE, 0.5 PTE

$1.3 million grant funding from FEMA through October 2017

$300,000 grant funding from Rockefeller Foundation through October 2016

$68,271 grant funding from United States Geological Survey through December 2016

San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail

Coordinate completion of a growing network of launching and landing sites in all nine counties around San Francisco Bay for non-motorized small boats

Partnership project with Coastal Conservancy, BCDC and Division of Boating and Waterways

.75 FTE

$1.75 million Coastal Conservancy block grant provides staff support and grant program pass through funds through March 2017

San Francisco Bay Trail

Completion of a 500-mile continuous hiking and bicycling trail for recreation and active transportation around the shoreline of San Francisco Bay linking nine counties and 47 cities. Over 340 miles complete. Project has significant support from elected officials, local jurisdictions, numerous agencies, organizations and the public

Bay Trail non-profit board of directors provides ongoing project direction

3.25 FTE

Staff costs and project operations funded through MTC bridge toll funds. Funding approved annually; $715,380 secured through June 2016

MTC bridge toll funds provided for project operations since 1989

Grant program pass-through funds from state park bonds via Coastal Conservancy. Over $18 million awarded since 1999 for planning, design, engineering and construction

San Francisco Estuary Partnership

Part of National Estuary Program, US EPA under Section 320, Clean Water Act

Protect, restore, and enhance water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in and around the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary

Coalition of resource agencies, state, local and county governments, non-profits, citizens, and scientists

Pass-through funding for over 60 projects responding to climate change/sea level rise, restore wetlands and creeks, enhance water supply during the drought, and offer water conservation rebates

Grantee for San Francisco Bay region Integrated Regional Water Management funding, managing projects and facilitating funding for dozens of projects to improve water supply and water quality ($93 million)

Staffs San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, poised to bring a ballot measure for a local fee for wetland restoration funding

Hosts the State of the Estuary Conference every two years, convening more than 800 scientists

12 FTE

Funded via variety of state, federal and other sources that total $22.5 million currently

$20.2 million goes to a wide variety of projects around the region

Over the next five years, $100 million will go to projects and partners around the region

Training Center
(HazMat Training)

Provides online safety training for field workers and first responders in the Bay Area and beyond. Offers courses on economical and practical ways for organizations to satisfy OSHA and DOT training requirements

1.0 FTE

$0.6M in course fees