Priority Conservation Areas

PCA Designations

This section introduces four Priority Conservation Area (PCA) designations and a set of measurable benefits provided by the PCAs.

Designations describe the primary function of a PCA. In some cases, PCAs with different designations include the same geographic area. For example, a riparian corridor designated as a Natural Landscape PCA may cross an Agricultural Lands PCA and Regional Recreation PCA.

Benefits describe specific types of habitats, health outcomes, and other objectives that the designated PCAs support. Each benefit is accompanied by at least one criterion as well as data sources for evaluating whether or not the PCA meets the criterion. Many PCAs will provide additional benefits beyond the primary ones listed for its designation. These are captured as co-benefits. Proposed PCAs are not required to list co-benefits, but these help describe its full impact.

Table 1: Summary of Priority Conservation Area Designations

Table 2: Priority Conservation Area Benefits and Criteria