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Smart Growth Benefits

Bay Area residents have already begun to see the negative effects of inefficient land use patterns. Over-burdened public facilities, degraded air quality and scarce housing are some of the many ills that an increasing number of local residents encounter. If not addressed, the "business-as-usual" approach to accomodating growth will degrade the Bay Area's quality of life.

Recent studies suggest that sprawl-pattern development has contributed to problems in a wide range of issue areas beyond the obvious ones typically discussed by smart growth advocates. Here is a sampling of such studies.

A study by Good Jobs First suggests that smart growth stimulates job growth, including within the hig-paying construction sector.

A paper written for the Funders' Network, “Aging and Smart Growth: Building Aging Sensitive Communities,” discusses the the impact of sprawl on older residents.

Public Health
An outline to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) highlights connections between land-use and public health.

Peer-reviewed Research
A collection of market research studies from the UrbanFutures Program of the Reason Public Policy Institute.

A report by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, "Evaluating Criticism of Smart Growth," evaluates criticisms of smart growth land use policies.

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