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Visioning Process

Hundreds of people devoted their Saturdays to the public workshops. Some came in their professional capacities as elected officials, planners, developers, environmentalists, business leaders and social equity advocates. Others came as representatives of neighborhood groups or out of concern for their communities' future. Our Workshop Participation Profile(PDF) summarizes the participation of the Round One and Round Two workshops. Click here to see the Workshop Sponsors.

Round One Workshops – September and October 2001

In facilitated groups of 10, participants at each workshop identified the most appropriate locations in their county for future growth, and the regulatory changes and incentives needed to realize this vision. They also considered the character and design of new development. To facilitate this exercise, a geographic information system (GIS), called PLACE3S, gave participants in each group immediate feedback on the impact of their ideas on the future supply of housing and jobs and their proximity to public transit, overall pedestrian friendliness, and resource consumption.

Distillation & Analysis - December 2001
The countywide smart growth visions developed at the nine first round workshops were distilled into three thematic regionwide alternatives in consultation with local representatives from each county. These three scenarios underwent further PLACE3S analysis and a more in-depth look at their likely impacts on the region’s supply of affordable housing, displacement of existing residents, the relationship between housing cost and incomes provided by nearby jobs, and regional transportation and air quality impacts.

Round Two Workshops – April and May 2002
A second round of public workshops was held throughout the region. At each, participants selected one of the alternatives as a starting point, then agreed on guiding principles for modifications. By the end of the day, each county workshop had created a single preferred countywide alternative that specified the level of housing and job growth and, using the place type menu, the character and density of that growth in planning areas throughout the county.

Consultant Team for the Smart Growth Visioning Process
Design, Community and Environment (DC&E)
Dyett & Bhatia (D&B)
Bay Area Economics (BAE)
Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB)
Van Meter Williams Pollock (VMWP)
GreenInfo Network

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