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Voices from the Community: Smart Growth & Social Equity
This video was shown to participants of the Round One workshops in order to highlight issues of social equity within the context of smart growth.

Briefing Book (PDF)
The Briefing Book was used by participants of the Round One workshops in September and October 2001. It profiles growth-related challenges and opportunities in each Bay Area county and provides an overview of the public workshop process and the entire Project.

Alternatives Report (PDF)
Debuted for the Round Two workshops in April 2002, the Alternatives Report reviews the Round One workshop process and provides a summary analysis of three smart growth alternatives against the current trends base case scenario. The report features a Comparison Map of Three Smart Growth Alternatives and the Base Case.

Final Report (PDF, 9.1MB)

The Final Report in Sections (smaller files!):
Cover and Table of Contents (33KB)
Creating the Vision (2.3 MB)
The Vision (1.2 MB)
Making Vision Reality: Incentives and Regulatory Change 1.9MB)
The Vision Up Close: Analysis of One Smart Growth Scenario (3.7MB)
Colors (reference to maps) and Acknowledgements (26KB)

The Final Report summarizes the work completed at the two rounds of public workshops and reveals the resulting Smart Growth Vision. The report also introduces incentives and regulatory changes identified by workshop participants and others that could bring the Smart Growth Vision to fruition. The final report expands on the analysis featured in the Alternatives Report and highlights comparisons between the Smart Growth Scenario developed by workshop participants and the current trends Base Case Scenario. The report features a Comparison Map of the Smart Growth Scenario and the Current Trends Base Case and a Legislative Update insert as of October 2002.

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Additional Resources
The Place Type Menu and Place Type Manual illustrate the range of options for residential, mixed-use, downtown and employment center development considered by the workshop participants. Our Tools & Materials page provides access to other related resources. Our Technical Appendices page provides additional analyses and data.

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