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Maps & Data

Comparison Map: Smart Growth Scenario versus the Current Trends Base Case
Comparison Map (5.65 MB, Adobe PDF)
This map provides two views of how the Bay Area could grow between now and the year 2020. On the left is a map depicting the smart growth scenario that was developed from the work of public workshop participants. On the right is a map of the current trends base case, inviting a comparison between a continuation of "business-as-usual" development patterns versus a turn toward a smarter future.

Comparison Map: Three Smart Growth Alternatives
and the Current Trends Base Case

Comparison Map (3.69 MB, Adobe PDF)
This map provides a side by side view of the three alternatives (Central Cities, Network of Neighborhoods, Smarter Suburbs), and the Current Trends Base Case on a regional scale. Users can adjust zoom level and move focus point on map in order to compare particular areas of interest. As a starting point at the Round Two workshops, participants voted on the alternative they preferred for their county.

Interactive Maps of the Three Smart Growth Alternatives
Click here to view interactive maps of each of the three alternatives. (Interactivity allows users to zoom in to their area of interest. Maps best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher with screen resolution of 1024 by 768.)

Interactive Regionwide Map
Click here to view interactive version of Smart Growth/Livability Footprint Map. (Interactivity allows users to zoom in to their area of interest).

First Round Workshop Planning Area Maps
These maps were used in the Mapping Exercise portion of the Round One workshops. They show each county divided into "Planning Areas." Planning Areas represent recognized distinctions in geography and land use, and are defined only for those portions of a county that are already urbanized or that are under discussion for urbanization. They show where development might be possible. They are not an endorsement of new development.

These maps are 8.5" x 11" Adobe PDF files. To plot at 36" or 42" width, you will need to contact Kinko's or another local plotting service.

Alameda (3.89 MB)

Contra Costa (3.88 MB)

Marin (2.72 MB)

Napa (1.22 MB)

San Francisco (1007 KB)

San Mateo (3.12 MB)

Santa Clara (5.44 MB

Solano (1.46 MB)

Sonoma (1.82 MB)

The links above require the Adobe Acrobat plugin to view Planning Area Maps. Click here to download.


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