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Corridor Program

The purpose of the Corridor Program is to implement the "Network of Neighborhoods" Vision as developed during our Visioning Process. Through the Corridor Program, the Bay Area's regional agencies and others will determine ways to combine and focus resources to improve the region's ability to provide housing and jobs to its residents, to protect and improve the environment, to promote transit and transportation opportunities, and to improve the quality of life for the region's population. Representation from social equity, environmental and economic interests will bring a diversity of interests and perspectives to the program.

Program Benefits
Linking new jobs and housing along existing transportation corridors has the potential for ancillary benefits. Open space, agricultural lands and the environment will be better preserved through reduced development of green fields. Opportunities for transit rider-ship will increase thereby, improving air quality and reducing lengthy commutes.

Linking communities of people and local jurisdictions will bring more cohesion to planning across borders. Local land use authority can be enhanced by the opportunity to plan jointly with adjacent neighbors regarding issues that cross boundaries. Inclusion of the 3Es in these planning activities gives a voice to under-represented communities and offers a platform to discuss regional issues at a regional scale.

Corridor Program Goals & Guiding Policies
Corridors form the primary connections between neighborhoods and cities and provide a focal point for linking neighborhoods. The "Network of Neighborhoods" vision embodies the Smart Growth Vision, where growth is concentrated in existing urban areas, especially along transit centers and corridors that connect neighborhoods, communities, cities and the region. The goal of the Corridor Program is to provide for a mechanism to implement the Network of Neighborhoods vision at the local level.


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