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Research Reports

The ABAG research program contributes to a wide body of reports on the region.

  • The ABAG research program released Regional Forecast for Plan Bay Area 2040, a summary report on the forecast with technical documentation, in February 2016. The forecast builds on the agency's baseline research, the State of the Region March 2015 report describing trends and major challenges affecting the Bay Area.
  • ABAG prepared two reports as part of a joint research project with Resources for Development, funded by the Ford Foundation, ABAG Financial Services, and the San Francisco Foundation. Transit Oriented Development and Affordable Housing summarizes results of a survey on transit use of residents of four East Bay affordable housing properties. Effects of TOD Location on Affordable Housing Tenants is a conference paper with a deeper academic analysis of the survey process and results.
  • ABAG research teamed with ABAG's resilience program as well as the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the US Geological Survey to produce a report and a manual on Stronger Housing, Safer Communities: Strategies for Seismic and Flood Risks. The report develops a methodology for identifying vulnerable housing types and community characteristics, while the manual develops strategies that may be implemented at the local government, regional or state level.
  • ABAG research staff also contributes to a wide variety of other ABAG reports on housing, community, and the environment.
  • A series of background reports were developed for Plan Bay Area 2013 to explain the forecast methodology and provide background policy analysis.