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99-06 Regional Housing Needs Determination

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1999-06 RHND Methodology

State Department of Housing and Community Development
The regional numbers supplied by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) are "goal numbers" and are not meant to match, and often exceed, anticipated growth in housing units. A goal vacancy rate is set by (HCD), and then a housing unit need to meet that vacancy rate is derived by assessing potential growth rates (population, jobs, households) and loss of housing due to demolition. The numbers produced by HCD will be provided to ABAG in the form of a regional goal number, which is then broken into income categories. ABAG is then mandated to distribute the numbers to Bay Area jurisdictions by income categories. ABAG is responsible for allocating the Regional Housing Needs Determination (RHND) goal number to cities and counties in the Bay Area.

ABAG's Housing Distribution Methodology
Staff and the Housing Methodology Committee have produced a methodology based on Projections 2000. The methodology takes into account growth in terms of both Households and Jobs. This growth is weighted 50% households and 50% jobs (Jobs/Housing Balance adjustment) to determine a regional allocation factor (the share of regional growth) to be applied to the Regional Goal Number received from HCD. The methodology is further used to distribute a share of housing to each jurisdiction by income category. This portion of the methodology distributes the share of each jurisdiction's need by moving each jurisdictions income percentages 50% toward the regional average.

Methodology Details by Jurisdiction