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06-14 Regional Housing Needs Determination

99-06 Regional Housing Needs Determination

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1999-2006 RHND Documents

The following materials are available for online viewing.

Regional Housing Needs Determination Overview

Past Production Information and Regional Distributions

Housing Methodology

Housing Methodology Committee Meeting Agendas
Housing Methodology Committee Meeting Memos & Presentations

RHND Appeal Hearings Summary

  • A summary of the discussion and actions taken by the Appeal Committee during the RHND Appeal Hearings held on January 25, 2001.

ABAG Executive Board Memos & Presentations


Housing Needs Release of Numbers Memos

  • November 24, 1999 ABAG Official Release of Numbers Memo

  • January 31, 2000 ABAG Second Official Release of Numbers Memo

  • February 16, 2000 Clarification of Attachment 4 of the January 31, 2000 Memo

  • May 30 , 2000 ABAG Third Official Release of Numbers Memo

  • August 10, 2000 Clarification of the issues of differences between Department of Finance (DOF) and ABAG household estimates and ABAG sphere of influence (SOI) allocations.

  • November 16, 2000 Final Housing Unit Allocations for Executive Board Approval and Adoption

  • November 17, 2000 Official Notification of the adopted Regional Housing Needs Distribution responsibilities for each Bay Area Jurisdiction

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