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Blueprint 2001 for Bay Area Housing

Blueprint 2001 for Bay Area Housing: Housing Element Ideas and Solutions for a Sustainable and Affordable Future is available for purchase from the ABAG Web Store ($30.00 US) and can be read online in PDF format.

You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the online documents.

Due to the size of the document, the full report has been broken into smaller sections.

Cover, Contents, and Acknowledgements (725KB PDF)
Introduction - Why Housing Matters (1MB PDF)
Section 1 - How to Prepare an Effective Housing Element (2.25MB PDF)
Section 2 - Community Participation Strategies (2.5MB PDF)
Section 3 - Directory of Programs and Strategies
  Section 3A - Overview (600KB PDF)
  Section 3B - Ensuring Adequate Sites (4.5MB PDF)
  Section 3C - Supporting Affordable Housing (1.5MB PDF)
  Section 3D - Meeting Special Needs (3.5MB PDF)
  Section 3E - Conserving and Improving Existing Housing (850KB PDF)
  Section 3F - Removing Governmental Constraints (1MB PDF)
  Section 3G - Promoting Equal Housing Opportunities (55KB PDF)
Section 4 - Directory of Financial Resources (1.75MB PDF)
Appendices (830KB PDF)

You may also download the report as one large file:
Blueprint 2001 Report (19MB PDF)