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Housing Policies

Although the region’s housing challenges are particularly acute at this time, the problems are the result of policies and decisions that have occurred over the last several decades. There has been a lot of discussion among policy makers, business leaders, community-based organizations, and members of the public about how to solve the crisis, and it has become clear that there is no simple solution. In order for the Bay Area to meet its current and future housing needs each jurisdiction must take action to produce new homes, preserve affordability, and protect residents against economic displacement.

To further policy innovation and local action, ABAG has contacted all of the region's jurisdictions to compile two resources:

The Housing Policy Directory — tracks the adoption of thirty key housing policies in six broad categories throughout the nine county Bay Area. Visit the Housing Policy directory to see which key policies neighboring jurisdictions and other similar cities throughout the region are adopting

The Housing Policy Toolkit — is a collection of individual policies for jurisdictions to consider as part of their overall housing strategy. These strategies range from housing programs to zoning and housing finance. The toolkit provides practical information about housing best practices, key issues to consider and links to sample ordinances and legislation.

If there are additional policies or resources that you would like us to explore for inclusion, please contact Ada Chan at