Public Comment

Public Comment

ABAG has employed a variety of strategies to encourage public participation to ensure the perspectives and input of local governments, stakeholders, and members of the public are represented throughout the RHNA development process. ABAG provides opportunities to learn about RHNA and provide input through regular ABAG meetings that are open to the public, outreach to local government elected officials and staff, focus groups with community-based organizations, and electronic news blasts and postings to the ABAG website to notify interested parties at decision points throughout the process.

Below is the correspondence related to RHNA received via mail and email through May 2021*. For comments received about the appeals of the draft RHNA allocation submitted by local jurisdictions, visit the Appeals Process page.

* Includes copies of letters submitted during the official public comment period in Fall 2020 for the Proposed RHNA Methodology and Draft Subregional Shares (see below for more information).

Public Comment Period on Proposed RHNA Methodology and Draft Subregional Shares

ABAG conducted a public comment period from October 25, 2020 to November 27, 2020 to solicit comments on the following two components of the 6th Cycle RHNA process:

  1. Proposed RHNA Methodology: the formula that calculates the number of housing units, by income category, assigned to each Bay Area jurisdiction.
  2. Draft Subregional Shares of Regional Housing Need: the share of the Bay Area’s housing needs each subregion must allocate among its member jurisdictions.

Details about the Proposed RHNA Methodology and the Draft Subregional Shares were provided in the Proposed Methodology and Subregional Shares report.

No comments were received on the Draft Subregional Shares. See the files below for the comments ABAG received on the Proposed RHNA Methodology during the public comment period in Fall 2020: