2009 Housing Report Testing the American Dream in the San Francisco Bay Area

ABAG recently released the 2009 Housing Report: Testing the American Dream in the San Francisco Bay Area. The report chronicles the housing crisis across the Bay Area region. The housing bubble and the factors that led to the ultimate collapse are explored in this timely report, as well as the impacts on employment, the rental market, home prices, and property tax revenues.

This year’s housing report provides a comparative analysis of foreclosure rates near major cities and suburban areas. Four case studies featuring the City of Antioch, the City of Fairfield, the City of Sunnyvale, and the City and County of San Francisco describe how cities and counties are tackling the housing crisis in many unique ways and creating opportunities.

In addition, the results of ABAG's 2009 housing survey with the number of residential building permits issued in 2008, as well as identification of the total number of housing units in each city, town, or unincorporated area, are included.

Click here to view Housing Report. To purchase the report go to http://store.abag.ca.gov/projections.asp or call (510) 464-7900.