The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has developed the Local Government PACE Portal, a "one-stop shop" for local governments interested in allowing property owners to take advantage of PACE financing. This site includes introductory information about PACE (including a list of PACE providers in the nine Bay Area counties), outlines the steps necessary for making PACE available in your jurisdiction, and provides document templates to help staff prepare packets for presentation to local elected leaders.

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Regional Collaborative Services Agreement (RCSA) — Best Practices and Consumer Protections

Following in the steps of the efforts of Sonoma and Marin counties, ABAG has entered into a RCSA with PACE providers active in the Bay Area. The RCSA is intended to ensure consistent application of key programmatic elements ("best practices") considered to be critically important for local government partners. These include: consumer protections and disclosures; local government risk mitigation and indemnification; co-marketing complementary energy efficiency programs; contractor and project quality assurance; and performance tracking, data, and reporting. (A copy of the RCSA template can be viewed here.)

ABAG has executed the RCSA with Western Riverside Council of Governments (HERO program), PACE Funding Group LLC, Ygrene Energy Fund California LLC, CounterPointe Energy Solutions LLC (AllianceNRG Program), and Figtree. Member jurisdictions can sign an "ABAG Member Acknowledgement Form" to the RCSA in order for these terms to apply to PACE activities in their community, and return the executed Acknowledgment to ABAG. This procedure will result in greater efficiency and help streamline the process for ABAG member jurisdictions.

Local jurisdictions will still need to pass required resolution(s) to join a residential PACE program for their own city or town. While opting into an existing program or programs is simpler than setting up your own Program, you are giving up some control over program activities. With the RCSA, jurisdictions can have confidence that Programs will adhere to high program standards; provide relevant data for local program performance tracking; and are minimizing risk for community members and the local agency. (CSCDA has developed Residential Open PACE Consumer Protection Policies. A comparison of this and the RCSA can be found here.)

Documents for Local Governments

In order for new PACE Providers to sign on to the RCPA, they need to respond to ABAG's Criteria for Participation, available here. Upon review of the submittal, if ABAG determines that the Provider has met the requisite criteria, they will be invited to sign onto the RCSA. All PACE providers that are signatories to the RCSA will be subject to the termination process.