ABAG Residential Quake Safety Quiz

Should I be concerned about my home being so badly damaged in a future earthquake that I will be unable to sleep in it or that I will be injured? TAKE THIS QUIZ!

When was your home built?
If you are unsure of when your home was built, you can contact your county assessors' office. (Clicking on this button opens a new window that you will have to close to return to this quiz.)
  Before 1960 = 5 points
  1961 - 1978 = 3 points
  1979 - now = 1 point
How tall is it?
  2 or more stories with living area above a garage = 5 points The purpose of this question is to determine if you have potential problems due to (1) a "soft story" problem due to living area over a garage, (2) a complex configuration such as a hillside or split-level home, or (3) a "cripple wall" - a short wall between the top of your foundation and the first floor. Cripple walls commonly occur if your home is on a hill OR has more than three steps to the front door. (Clicking on the link below will open a new window with additional information on "cripple walls" that you will have to close to return to this quiz.)
  Split level, on hillside, or on gentle slope = 6 points
  1 story, 3 or more steps to front door = 4 points
  1 story, less than 3 steps to front door = 1 point
What intensity (color) does the shaking intensity map show for your neighborhood?
  Shaking = VIII, IX, or X (Red, dark red, or black) (most of Bay Area) = 7 points If you are unsure of the shaking your home may be exposed to, you can view the shaking intensity maps. (Clicking on this button opens a new window that you will have to close to return to this quiz.) Most of the Bay Area is likely to experience shaking of VIII, IX or X in at least one major earthquake.

  Shaking = VII (Yellow) = 5points
  Shaking = V or VI (Green or blue) = 3 points
If your home earned 13 or more points, it probably needs to be evaluated to see if it is strong enough to keep you and your family reasonably safe, unless it has been strengthened in the last few years.

Scientists predict that a large quake in the Bay Area is about twice as likely to happen as not to happen during the next 30 years. Are you betting your home's value and your safety on those odds?

ABAG, the Association of Bay Area Governments, is the regional planning and services agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

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