Uplift Force in Hold-Down


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Uplift Force in Hold-Down


Hold-Downs Connect Walls Through the Floor

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Proper Installation

Common Errors

Double Stud Reduces Strength

Maintain Minimum Edge Distance

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Improper End Distance

Oversize Bolt Hole

Undersized Washers

Countersunk Nut and Washer

Insufficient Embedment

Untightened Nuts

Wood Connections

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Balloon Framing

Connecting the Top Plate With Framing Clips

Palm Nailer

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Double Sole Plates

Use Longer Sheets of Wood Structural Panels

Split Sill Plate

Special Retrofit Anchors May Be Needed

Mechanical Wedge Anchor

Adhesive Anchor

Side Plate

Improper Edge Distance in Concrete

Proper End Distance for Sill Plate Anchor

Misaligned Sill Plate Should be Engineered

Improper Countersinking

Anchor the Sill Plate

Use Square Plate Washers

Installing Mechanical Anchors

Installing Adhesive Anchors

Carefully Clean the Hole

Blow Out the Fines

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Installing Side Plates

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Most Important

Author: Lee-Ann Lyons

Email: shaky@abag.ca.gov

Home Page: http://www.abag.ca.gov/bayarea/eqmaps/fixit/training.html

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