Shear Walls


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Shear Walls

Typical Shear Wall

Location of Shear Walls

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Vertical Offset of Shear Wall

Shear Wall Over Floor Beam

Horizontal Shear Forces

Uplift Forces On Shear Wall

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Two Functions of a Shear Wall

What Provides Shear Wall Strength?

Lumber Strength Failure

Sheathing Strength Failure

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Combining Different Material Strengths

Sheathing Material Strengths

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Most Important Factors

Allowable Aspect Ratios

Northridge Earthquake Showed Us:

Reduced Code Values

Drywall Failure

Stucco Failure

Narrow Panel Failure

Successful Plywood Coverage

Wood Structural Panel Shear Walls

Douglas Fir-Larch

Effect Of Lumber Species On Strength

Use Proper Size Stud

2” Adjoining Stud

Install Proper Size Blocking

Cripple Wall Blocking

3” Flat Blocking

Reinforced Window Opening in Shear Wall

Blocking For Opening Reinforcement

How is the Length of Shear Wall Measured?

What’s Wrong?

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Acceptable Hold-Down Location

Lumber Grade

Effect of Lumber Grade on Hold-Down Capacity

Penetration Through Shear Wall

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Wood Decay

Termite Damage

Crawl Space Ventilation

Installing the Sheathing

Construction of Oriented Strand Board Panel

Construction of Plywood

Minimum Recommended Thickness

Use Correct Panel Grade

Sheathing Orientation

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Cripple Wall Ventilation

Shear Wall Fasteners

Use Common Nails

Use Proper Nail Length and Head Size

Performance Losses for Nail Substitutions

Nail Gun With Flush Attachment

Round-Head Nails (P-Nails)

Clipped Nail Head

1994 UBC:

Overdriven Nails


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How to Nail a Shear Wall

Author: Lee-Ann Lyons


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