Tools for Businesses to Tame Disasters

ACT NOW! An earthquake can strike tomorrow.


The probability of one or more earthquakes at least as large as the 1994 Northridge quake striking the Bay Area is 16% sometime in the next 5 years and 62% sometime in the next 30 years.
Speeding Business Recovery

How vulnerable is your business to disruption?


Managing Business Disruption
Planning for Transportation and Utility Disruptions
  Speeding Up Post-Disaster Building Reoccupancy
Increasing Customer & Employee SAFETY in Quakes


How safe are your customers and employees?


Safety Resources:
Bracing and Anchoring of Building Contents
Natural Gas Safety
  Special Hazardous Materials Issues
  Liability for Earthquake Hazards and Losses
Benefits & Costs of Mitigation
Emergency Response Resources:
Make a Plan and Know What to Do
Emergency Supplies
  Other Emergency Response Resources

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