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REgional Planning committee

Please notice change of location and time for this meeting only:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 12:00 PM

StopWaste, Board Room
1537 Webster Street
Oakland, CA, 94612


The ABAG Regional Planning Committee may act on any item on this agenda.

Agenda and attachments available at

For information, contact Wally Charles, ABAG Planning and Research,

 at (510) 464-7993.

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Call and Notice


[Annotated Agenda]


1.    Call to Order / Confirm Quorum

[Record time meeting called to order:  __________ ]

[Circulate attendance sign-in sheet to members.]

[Conduct roll call.]

   Present   Absent

Enter Member Name   o   o    

[Quorum:  Present / Not Present ]

[Time Quorum Achieved:  __________ ]

2.    Public Comment


[Call for public comments.]

3.    Approval of Summary Minutes of February 5, 2014 and

 April 2, 2014


Attachment:  Summary Minutes February 5, 2014

   Summery Minutes April 2, 2014

[Call for motion to approve minutes.]

[Conduct roll call.]

   Aye   Nay   Abstain

Enter Member Name   o   o   o

[Motion:  Passed / Failed ]

4.    Announcements


A.   Committee Members

B.   Staff Members

5.    session Overview


Miriam Chion, ABAG Planning and Research Director

Attachment:  Staff memo Overview RPC Session June 4, 2014


6.    revisions TO PRIORITY Conservation Area Criteria


Mark Shorett and Laura Thompson, ABAG staff, will provide an overview of Priority Conservation Area (PCA) Criteria, continued from the April 2, 2014 meeting, with details about the proposed update to the PCA program.  This overview will address questions that were raised at the last meeting regarding PCA designations, funding and application process.


Attachment: Staff memo on Priority Conservation Area (PCA) Program Update; Priority conservation Area Designation Application Form; Table with current list of PCA’s, April 2014 RPC Staff Report


7.    Presentation on How we talk about Plan Bay Area 2017


Brad Paul, ABAG Deputy Executive Director, will describe what went well and what did not go well in the process that led up to adoption of the first Plan Bay Area (2013) then discuss what a more thoughtful and responsive way to talk about Plan Bay Area 2017 might look like, one that better serves the needs of our member jurisdictions, delegates and the public.

Attachment: Staff memo on How we talk about Plan Bay Area 2017; List of Attendees at County Delegate Meetings; List of PDA Site Visits


[Call for motion to __________.]

[Conduct roll call.]

   Aye   Nay   Abstain

Enter Member Name   o   o   o

[Motion:  Passed / Failed ]

8.    Adjournment

Next meeting: Wednesday, August 6, 2014


[Record time meeting adjourned:  __________.]

[Return (1) annotated agenda notes and (2) attendance sign-in sheet to Clerk of the Board.]


Miriam Chion
Planning and Research Director


May 23, 2014