San Francisco Bay
Restoration Authority

Governing Board

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Location:
101 8th Street, Conference Room 171
Oakland, California 94607

For additional information, please contact:
Clerk of the Governing Board, (510) 464 7900

Agenda and attachments available at:

The Governing Board may take action on any item on this agenda.

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[Chair’s annotation in brackets.]


1.      [1:00 p.m.; 1 minute]
Call to Order
Sam Schuchat, Executive Officer, California State Coastal Conservancy

[Call meeting to order.]

2.      [1:01 p.m.; 1 minute]
Roll Call

[Direct Clerk of the Governing Board to conduct roll call and report on quorum.]

Keith Caldwell   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

Dave Cortese   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

Rosanne Foust   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

John Gioia   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

Dave Pine   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

Samuel Schuchat   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

John Sutter   ¨ Present  ¨ Absent  ¨ Teleconference    

Quorum  ¨ is present;  ¨ is not present.

Time quorum achieved:    

3.      [1:02 p.m.; 4 minutes]
Public Comment

[Call for public comments on any matter not on the agenda.]

4.      [1:05 p.m.; 5 minutes]

[Call for announcements from Governing Board members.]

5.      [1:10 p.m.; 1 minute]
Approval of Summary Minutes of April 24, 2013
Attachment: Summary Minutes for April 24, 2013

[Request motion and second to approve summary minutes.]

Motion by:     
Second by:     
Motion:   Pass / Fail

6.      [1:02 p.m.; 13 minutes]
Chair’s Report
Sam Schuchat

A.    South Bay Wetlands Tour on May 30, 2013

B.     SB 279

7.      [1:15 p.m.; 15 minutes]
Report on Outreach by Governing Board and Advisory Committee

Governing Board members

[Discussion by Governing Board members.]

8.      [1:30 p.m.; 15 minutes]
Report on Ballot Access Costs

Dave Pine, Supervisor, County of San Mateo

[Discussion by Governing Board members.]

9.      [1:45 p.m.; 15 minutes]
Report on Preparation for 2014 Ballot Measure

Barry Barnes and Sarah Stern-Benoit, TBWB

[Discussion by Governing Board members.]

10.  [2:00 p.m.; 5 minutes]
Appointment of New Member to the Advisory Committee

Sam Schuchat
Attachment:  Denninger memo dated July 8, 2013

[Discussion by Governing Board members.]

[Request motion and second to accept report and recommendation.]

Motion by:     
Second by:     
Motion:   Pass / Fail

11.  [3:00 p.m.]

Next meeting is on September 25, 2013.

[Adjourn meeting.]


Agenda submitted by the Clerk of the Governing Board:

July 10, 2013


Agenda posted:

July 11, 2013