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Updated 5/25/16  The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) are currently discussing the future of land use and transportation planning in the region and how to increase collaboration, up to and including full merger. In January 2016, the Joint ABAG Administrative Committee - MTC Planning Committee hired Management Partners to conduct a study for a merger action implementation plan (AIP), which is due July 1, 2016.

The study examined the policy, management, financial and legal issues associated with further integration of ABAG and MTC, up to and including institutional merger between MTC and ABAG. Management Partners presented an analysis of seven options to the Joint ABAG Administrative Committee - MTC Planning Committee on Friday, April 22, 2016. See the full report at http://abag.ca.gov/abag/events/agendas/o042216a-Item%2007,%20ABAG%20MTC%20Merger%20Study%20Options%20Analysis%20Recommendation.pdf for more information.

At the April 22nd meeting, the Joint ABAG Administrative Committee-MTC Planning Committee stated a preference for Option Seven and authorized Management Partners to begin to outline an AIP based on that option.

An ABAG Special General Assembly met on May 19th to discuss merger and vote on a recommendation to the ABAG Executive Board. After three hours of lively discussion over whether to support Option 4 or Option 7, the delegates voted to approve the ABAG staff report, dated May 6, 2016, which recommended support of both Option 4 and Option 7 with additional principles attached. Of the 51 cities and 6 counties present at the time of the vote, the cities voted 28 to 23 to support the staff recommendation (Options 4 and 7) while the counties voted 4 to 2. The staff report is included below.

After the Special General Assembly, additional discussions occurred at the ABAG Executive Board meeting on May 19th, where the Executive Board voted 23 to 2 to adopt Resolution No. 07-16 (Option 4 and Option 7) and Attachment A (the principles). The resolution and attachment are posted below.

Additional discussion occurred at the MTC's full Commission Meeting on May 25th, where the Commission voted in support of Option 7. Further discussion will occur at the Joint ABAG Administrative Committee - MTC Planning Committee on May 27th. The Agenda for this meeting is available at http://abag.ca.gov/meetings/administrative.html.

If the ABAG Executive Board and the MTC Commission agree on one of these options as a path forward, work will begin on a more detailed implementation plan. If the ABAG Executive Board and the MTC Commission cannot agree on an option, Resolution 4210 will be implemented and MTC would stop funding ABAG's planning services on July 1, 2016.

Reference material is available below and in addition, the Management Partners website, http://www.mtcabagmergerstudy.com/, will provide more detailed information as it becomes available.

For more information, please contact ABAG's front desk at 415-820-7900 and ask to speak to Communications Staff.

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